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Read stories and letters where the CCRN has been active in advocacy or has supported our community partners to share their important messages about the Downtown Eastside.


"DTES Community Members Find Optimism and Opportunity at UGM's 10th Annual Summer Connect"

Union Gospel Mission

"Supportive Housing Is Meant to Help Tenants Stay Housed. It’s Not Always Working"

"This Market Needs to Survive"

"METROMATTERS: This City Needs More Rental Housing, Not Surveillance"

"A Message to Mayor and Council: Don’t Forget the Local Economy"

"Non-profits Seeking Funds Must Be Respectful: Vancouver Council"

"Opinion: Vancouver City Council's Focus on Surveillance of Non-profit Grantees Is Deeply Disturbing"

""Women in DTES Experiencing Horrendous Levels of Violence"

"Mixed Reaction from East Hastings Residents and Business Owners"

Letters Written by CCRN

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"Letter to Mayor and Council re: Solutions to supporting low-barrier vending and the Downtown Eastside Street Market"

"Open Letter from DTES Coalition re: The City of Vancouver’s Action on the Decampment of Hastings St. "

"Letter to Government representatives re: Canada Post’s decision to stop service to the DTES"

"Open Letter to Media re: recent media attention of illegal activity in the DTES Street Market"